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The International Journal of Advanced Statistics and Computer Science(IJASCS) is one of the most prominent and quickly developing academic open access, peer-reviewed, bimonthly, and fully refereed scientific research journals in the globe. It establishes a platform for the interpretation and discussion of findings and findings with a strong analytical dimension. Its aim is to close the research gap by enabling the reporting of preliminary, innovative, and industry-relevant research.IJASCS is included with the list of recommended paper publishing platforms.

IJASCS's goal is to publish original and unpublished research articles, review articles, survey papers, refereed articles, as well as auxiliary material such as scientific papers, technical articles, review articles, Symposium, Commentary, Perspective, Conceptual Article, and Proceeding based on theoretical or experimental works in all aspects of society interest, without respect for economic limitations.

Submission of articles to the IJASCS is affordable. Authors are asked to submit a full-length paper for evaluation. For published in the international journal, original and incomplete scientific papers based on these theoretical or experimental works are sought. When you submit an essay, you're assuming that the work you're describing hasn't been published before (except as an abstract or academic thesis) and it's not being regarded for publication everywhere.

Mechanical, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical, and Electronics & Communication, Advanced Statistics, and Mathematics are some of the Post Graduation and Graduation areas where we create scientific research publishing easier. IJCSAS recognizes papers on any subject or research field in Engineering, Science, and Management (but not limited to topics) by providing high-quality content, attention, and creative techniques to our authors, thereby improving their productivity and abilities to create decisions.