Call for Papers

Current Approaches and Applications in Natural Language Processing

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20th of every month.

Dear colleague,
We're glad to invite you to submit a paper to the special issue on "Current Approaches and Applications in Natural Language Processing". Current approaches in Natural Language Processing (NLP) have shown impressive improvements in many major tasks: machine translation, language modelling, text generation, sentiment/emotion analysis, natural language understanding, question answering, among others. The advent of new methods and techniques like graph-based approaches, reinforcement learning or deep learning have boosted many of the tasks in NLP to reach human-level (and even further) performance. This has attracted the interest of many companies, so new products and solutions can profit from the advances of this relevant area within the artificial intelligence domain. This Special Issue focuses on emerging techniques and trendy applications of NLP methods is an opportunity to report on all these achievements, establishing a useful reference for industry and researchers on cutting edge human language technologies. Given the focus of the journal, we expect to receive works that propose new NLP algorithms and applications of current and novel NLP tasks. Also, updated overviews on the given topics will be considered, identifying trends, potential future research areas and new commercial products.

Topics of interest
The topics include but are not limited to:
- Question answering: open-domain Q&A, knowledge-based Q&A...
- Knowledge extraction: Relation extraction, fine-grained entity
- Text generation: summarization, style transfer, dial...
- Text classification: Sentiment/emotion analysis, semi-supervised and
zero-shot learning...
- Behaviour modelling: early risk detection, cyberbullying, customer
- Dialogue systems: chatbots, voice assistants...
- Reinforcement learning
- Data augmentation
- Graph based approaches
- Adversarial approaches
- Multi-modal approaches
- Multi-lingual/cross-lingual approaches


Dr. Sushopti Gawade

Professor, Computer Engineering,

Pillai College of Engineering,

Navi Mumbai

Mumbai University

Dr. Umesh L. Kulkarni

Professor, Computer Engineering,

Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology,

Mumbai University